Surgical Podiatry

Nail surgery can be carried out using local anaesthetic, the whole procedure takes less than an hour

Nail Surgery

Surgical Podiatry – The most common problem that requires nail surgery is an ingrowing toenail. This is sometimes caused by poor nail cutting or awkwardly shaped or damaged nails. These toenails frequently become infected and are often very painful. People are often referred to us by their doctor, another Podiatrist, or self referral.

Nail surgery can be carried out using local anaesthetic. The whole procedure takes less than an hour and the surgery is then followed by a repeat visits for a re-dressing appointments. In most cases this will cure the problem and stop the nail in the painful area growing back.

Electrosurgery for Verrucas

Electrosurgery involves the excision of verrucas on the sole of the foot. You may need to undergo surgery when you have not responded to conservative methods of treatment. It is the definitive way to get rid of stubborn painful verrucae.

Electrosurgery is performed under local anaesthetic. This means that only the affected area is injected with anaesthetic and numbed. You will be awake throughout the surgery. You will still be able to feel your foot being moved but you will not feel any pain.

The operation takes about 15 minutes however expect to be with us for 60 minutes. For more information please see our Verruca Treatments page.


> Electrosurgery is not suitable for extensive mosaic verrucas.
> There is a possibility of scar formation.
> As a verruca is a virus there is always a small chance that the verrucas can recur

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