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Pedicure Treatments

Gorgeous feet by healthcare professionals

Beautifully Healthy Feet

At Medipod Clinics, you will experience treatments with long-lasting effects. Regular pedicures will improve your natural nails and prevent problems such as splitting or flaking. Your skin will become soft and supple and you can feel like walking on air!  We will also advise you on how you can maintain the condition of your feet in between visits.

We are the only people in the area using an aseptic technique for painting your nails after your mini manicure or pedicure. This means that we can guarantee that you will not get a fungal nail infections or verrucas from us, when you come for your professional beauty treatments. Our instruments are medically sterile and all our brushes are single use. This method eliminates any cross contamination risks.


A complete treatment for your feet and lower legs, which will have noticeable positive effects, especially if carried out regularly. Nail shape, hard skin removal, relaxing massage and nourishing paraffin wax treatment are included in your Medi Pedi. Then we apply warm boots to increase absorption of the oil and improve circulation.

We also carry out a beautiful massage that will leave your feet feeling fantastic like “walking on air”. Dr Remedy Enriched nail polish is applied, if required.


Pedicures are great as “maintenance” treatments to keep your feet and nails in good condition. We will file your nails to shape, treat cuticles, reduce any hard skin on your feet, carry out a foot and lower leg massage, and apply Dr Remedy Enriched nail polish, if required.


For those with limited time, we would be happy to moisturise feet  and either:

shape and polish your nails or shape your nails and remove the hard skin with an electrical file, no polish.


This gorgeous polish will last up to 8 weeks without chipping, cracking or fading on your toenails. It sounds almost too good to be true!  Dr. Remedy Nail Polish is unique. This is because it is enriched with a special blend of ingredients. It is also certified by New York Podiatrists Dr. Cirlincione and Dr. Spielfogel.

The blend includes tea tree oil, garlic pulp extract, lavender, wheat protein and vitamins C and E. The collection includes many luxurious nail colours as well as nail care solutions. Regular use can minimise the appearance of dry brittle nails, hydrate nail cuticles and improve the wear time of your nail colour.

Dr Remedy is the best alternative nail care line for anyone who wants beautiful looking nails and wants to avoid formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP.  Dr. Remedy Enriched nail polish is vegan friendly and contains a range of organic ingredients in its special formulation. It is suitable for people with diabetes, pregnant women and children. It is kind and safe for you, your nails and the environment.

Pedicure Treatments- Please Contact Us for more information
manicures and pedicures
manicures and pedicures
manicures and pedicures


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