Verruca Treatments

Verruca Treatments – Verruca is a contagious virus that seems to thrive in damp conditions such as swimming pools, showers and bathrooms. The common treatments for verruca are gels or ointments from the chemist. However, these treatments can burn the surrounding skin if not used with care.


Our clinic is equipped with the latest Cryosurgery system. We use liquid nitrogen to freeze the infected area of tissue down to such a low level that the Verrucae virus is killed along with the surrounding infected tissues. The tissues actually form ice crystals for a short time after treatment. This is usually followed in the next 2-3 days by a light blistering and shedding of the infected tissue.

In the majority of cases, a course of treatments is normally required.


Hyphrecator 2000 from Conmed is the very latest development in electrosurgery. It has the ability to Desiccate or dry out cells infected by the Verrucae virus or “fulgurate” the area causing a burn to the tissue and destroying the viral tissue. The size and location will dictate whether local infiltration analgesia or a total nerve block is required. Typically the lesion will resolve within 10 days of the treatment with very little after care required.

Either method has proven to be highly successful. At Medipod Clinics, we have reached a fantastic 90% success rate on verruca resolution.
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Verruca Treatments