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  • Dear Faye, I just had to write to thank you for your work on my feet. I have recently returned from a lovely holiday, made even better by being able to bare my feet without embarrassment. I look forward to my next visit in January. Best wishes for Christmas. Regards, Sheila.
    Sheila L
  • Thank you for my foot treatment initially and then Joan's services recently. At all times I have been treated in a professional and friendly manner and the level of service and competence is 2nd to none.Thanks.
    Laura T
  • I find Medipod Clinics very professional and competent. It's very patient focused and not just profit driven. My treatment has been very effective so far and I would be more than happy to recommend Medipod to friends and family. Thank you.
    Jack R
  • Regular treatments maintain the comfort and health of my feet - resulting in better general comfort and feeling, better all round!Thanks to all the team!
    Nicola N
  • I had a verruca the size of a 1p coin, now it has been reduced to couple of little specks after one treatment. Great results!!
    Alex T
  • I booked in to have a sports massage, as I was suffering from back and shoulder pain. Rebecca was very professional, she explained to me the possible reason for the pain I was experiencing and the treatment options available to me. She referred me to the podiatry team at the clinic as she thought I have abnormal foot function which was causing my back problems. After being seen by the podiatrist they recommend, I tried a set of non custom made insoles. Rebecca also suggested a course of ultrasound therapy, which was very helpful. I was very impressed with how professionally I was treated and that they used all their skills as a practice to help sort out my issues. I would recommended the clinic to all my friends and family.
    Paul Walker
  • I can highly recommend both Faye and Amanda at Medipod clinics. I'd had a stubborn verruca for nearly five years, then recently I got another one! So I'd had enough. After a recommendation from a family member, who had been successfully treated at Medipod, I decided to give it a go. After 2 treatments one had gone completely, and one needed three blasts! I'm really pleased after suffering with discomfort for many years- Thanks Medipod.
    Michelle Ratcliffe
  • As a long distance runner my feet take quite a battering on a daily basis. I had bad corns and hard skin, but I just accepted that this was a consequence of my lifestyle. However, when I came to Medipod and had my feet done I was amazed at the results, my feet actually felt soft for once in my life and the staff were very professional and went through what could be done to prevent further damage to my feet in the future. I have now decided that I am going to make a continuous effort to keep my feet in a good condition by returning back to Medipod on a regular basis! Thank you to all the staff at Medipod for a wonderful experience.
  • Having tried a number of over the counter remedies to treat verrucae, which seemed to aggravate the problem, I was really pleased after having 4 cryotherapy treatments that they are now gone. The clinic is really clean and the staff are friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone to have verrucae professionally treated at this clinic.
    A Wiggins
  • I have had podiatry treatment before but my ingrowing toenails have always been a challenge! A friend mentioned Medipod Clinics to me and I thought I would get a second opinion. I must say that I was very impressed with the way Claire treated my ingrowing toenails. My previous chiropodist would literally rip the corners out and I was in pain for at least 4 days following treatment! This time, I was not in pain at all! Claire suggested I should have nail surgery, which I thought it would be the best option for me. Within a few days, she carried out the procedure in such an efficient and professional manner that I was shocked at how painless and comfortable I was! My nails have now healed up with very little after care required. I now need to attend the clinic on an annual basis instead of every 4-5 weeks that I was going before, and my nails are no longer a challenge. I have been so pleased with the care and the services I have received that I would recommend them to everybody. Thank you.
    Richard T
  • Always feel so much better after having a podiatry treatment with Faye, feel like walking on air! Thanks, Faye!
    Liz Seal
  • After having a verruca for over 10 years, and having tried every over the counter treatment available, I decided to get some professional help. I received all the information I required about verrucas and about the treatment options available to me. I decided to go ahead with electrosurgery. The procedure was performed competently and in a friendly, clean and comfortable environment. I was pleasantly surprised by the procedure, with a little injection in my ankle, no pain or discomfort was felt during the verruca removal - I only felt pressure on my foot. Following the procedure no more discomfort felt than walking around with a verruca. When I attended the following day to have the dressing changed, no pain or discomfort felt then either. Very satisfied with the service and treatment. Wish I had, had it done years ago! Would have no problem recommending the clinic or the procedure to family and friends. Have booked my husband in for a foot health check!
    Mrs W
  • My mum noticed how good my feet have been and now she is having hers done!!
  • I was slightly apprehensive about my first visit but Faye treated me with such care and attention to detail that I knew I was in safe hands. She is a true professional.
    Doris L
  • I've been attending this clinic for some time. Such friendly staff and effective treatment.
    Tony Green
  • Faye is absolutely brilliant. I suffer with really dry skin on my feet which hurts and Faye in each appointment works miracles.
    Jo Page
  • Attended for the first time today and was so impressed. Faye was amazing; very pleasant and knowledgable. Offered me lots of advice and left with very happy soft feet. Highly recommend.
    Lisa Mohar
  • Thank you so much for getting rid of my verucca which I felt had decided to stay forever! Really friendly and lovely environment.
    Sam West
  • I had my first visit yesterday at Medipod, Hinckley. I received a warm, friendly welcome and was really impressed by the professionalism of all staff. Claire did an excellent job on my feet and I would certainly recommend to others.
    Lynn A.
  • I had pain in my ankle and leg which was stopping me from cycling and dancing. I went to see theses lovely people and they fixed it. I was able to cycle 75 miles without pain! Claire, Faye and Zoe were fantastic.
    A. Morris
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