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Surgical Podiatry


Surgical PodiatrySurgical Podiatry – The most common problem that requires nail surgery is an ingrowing toenail. Poor nail cutting technique or awkwardly shaped or damaged nails is usually the cause of ingrowing toenails. These toenails frequently become infected and are often very painful. Doctors, foot health practitioners, or other podiatrists often refer patients to us for nail surgery.

At Medipod Clinics, we use local anaesthetic to carry out your nail procedure. The section of the nail that is digging in is cut away and a chemical is applied in the nail root to stop the nail from growing back. It usually takes less than an hour and we would ask you to return for re-dressing appointments. Healing usually takes place within 4-6 weeks. In most cases this will cure the problem and stop the nail in the painful area growing back.


Skin Tags (Acrochordon)Skin tags are small growths that tend to hang off your skin. They are usually found on the neck, armpits, around the groin, under the breasts or behind the knee.

In the clinic, we may use local anaesthetic or local anaesthetic cream to either surgically remove your skin tags or burn them off using electrocautery. The procedure takes only a few seconds and there is hardly any bleeding. There may be some scabbing following the procedure, but that will reduce within a couple of weeks.

Please note that Podiatrists can only remove your skin tags if they are below the knee joint. For all the skin tags in the rest of the body, a doctor with special interest in Dermatology is providing this treatment for us in the clinic.

For more information please visit our Skin Tags page or email us [email protected].


ELECTROSURGERYElectrosurgery involves the complete removal (excision) of verrucas on the sole of the foot. Needling involves using a very small, fine needle to pierce the verruca multiple times. This transfers a small viral content into the deeper tissue, where an immune response is stronger.

These procedures always performed under local anaesthetic. We would only make numb the affected area. You will be awake throughout the surgery. You will still be able to feel movement of your foot but you will not feel any pain. We also expect you to return for follow up appointments. The treated area on your foot tends to heal up in about 5-14 days depending on size of the verruca.

The procedure takes about 15 minutes however expect to be with us for 60 minutes. For more information please see our Verruca Treatments page.