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Nail Reconstruction


Nail ReconstructionMany men and women suffer from unsightly toe nails and are embarrassed about their feet.  In order to hide them away, they often wear closed shoes, socks or paint over the damage to disguise it. This makes it worse in the process.

Now we can rebuilt it for you! We are able to create a bespoke, cosmetically reconstructed nail, which will look so natural, only you will know it’s not real. A choice of natural shades is available to make your new nail look as natural as possible. We can finish off your new nail with a colour of your choice and paint your other toes to match.

PediSafe is an enhancing, remodelling and nail correction system. PediSafe is ideal for the reconstruction of deformed, ingrown or nails affected by fungus. Curable in a UV light, it contains antifungal & antimicrobial agents so it encourages healthy nails. PediSafe is also used as a bracing system for the correction of ingrowing toenails or an overlay to enhance the natural beauty of your nails.

Nail Reconstruction Nail Reconstruction