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Diabetic Foot Services


DIABETIC FOOT SERVICESDiabetes is a condition whereby production of the hormone insulin is defective. One of the effects of diabetes is that it reduces the circulation and sensitivity in your feet.

You may not feel extreme temperatures, pain or touch. As a result, foot problems may occur without even realising.

Our Podiatrists are able to assess the blood supply and nerve status of your feet and recommend an appropriate treatment plan. If you have diabetes it is recommended that you should have a foot examination at least once a year, even if you do not have problems with your feet.


FOOT HEALTH CHECKThe foot health check provides a comprehensive examination of your feet, and is ideal for regular monitoring of foot health.

It does not involve any treatment.

This check up provides a comprehensive examination to help you maintain healthy feet and re-assure you.

If you require treatment or would like more information please see our Routine Podiatry Treatments page.


NEUROVASCULAR ASSESSMENTSSome medical conditions such as Diabetes or Peripheral Vascular Disease can cause deterioration in the blood circulation to the legs and feet. At Medipod Clinics we are able to assess the condition of the body’s blood vessels by the use of ultrasound listening equipment (Doppler) and communicate our results with your Diabetic Team, if required.

By detecting early detrimental changes in the circulation we are able to advise on preventative measures or refer on to specialist vascular clinics. It has been the case that this sort of examination has in the past found serious defects, that had they not been discovered, could have lead to limb amputation.

In addition, changes can occur in the sensations of the feet which can be a precursor to other problems. By testing the perception of the different skin senses such as temperature, vibration and light touch we can monitor and predict future problems. These combination examinations play a very valuable part in the prevention of serious foot problems. A full neurovascular assessment can be performed only by HCPC Registered Chiropodists / Podiatrists.


STANDARD PODIATRY TREATMENTCorns, hard skin and ingrowing toenails can be very painful, especially as our feet work so hard every day.

Our Podiatristss can treat these and other conditions, as well as give you advice on preventing future problems.

Your first session will begin with a thorough assessment of your feet. They will then give appropriate treatment which may include trimming nails, removing corns, reducing hard skin and applying a moisturizer.

You will also discuss your future health needs and, if necessary, develop a treatment plan. For more information please see our Routine Podiatry Treatments page.


PODIATRY / CHIROPODY EXPLAINEDMany people cannot attend to their feet themselves, for example if the nails become too thickened, or if you have back trouble or arthritis.

At Medipod Clinics our Podiatrists or Podiatry Assistant Practitioner offer to trim only your nails and advise you on how to keep them healthy in the future.

For more information please see our Routine Podiatry Treatments page.