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Routine Podiatry Treatments


At Medipod Clinics we offer a wide variety of Routine Chiropody / Podiatry Services at very competitive prices. We treat corns, hard skin, ingrowing toenails, verrucas, thick and fungal nails as well as offering the right advice on how to prevent future problems.


Standard Podiatry Treatment we will initially carry out a thorough assessment of your feet. We will then give appropriate treatment which usually includes trimming nails, removing corns, reducing hard skin and applying a moisturiser. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your future health needs and develop a treatment plan.


If nails become too thickened, or if you have back trouble or arthritis, you may not be able to get down to your feet.

That’s why we offer to trim your nails only and advise you on how to keep them healthy in the future.


This is a very useful test to identify any presence of fungus in the skin and the nails. It takes only a few seconds to collect some skin scrapings and nail clippings from your feet and place them into the fungus testing tray. We will get your results in just 5 minutes!

In presence of a fungal infection, we will discuss the treatment options available and the likely outcomes.  We will also send a letter to your GP so that appropriate treatment can be prescribed, if indicated.


The foot health check provides a comprehensive examination of your feet, and is ideal for regular monitoring of foot health. Medipod Podiatrists will advise you about home foot care and how to maintain your feel healthy. This check up provides a comprehensive examination to help you maintain healthy feet and re-assure you. At Medipod Clinics you are welcome to have a Free foot health check every year to keep your feet in top condition.